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A Guide To Stopping Smoking Without Actually Quitting

One of the most difficult challenges any smoker could face is to quit smoking. There are various methods currently available to attempt this from gum to nicotine patches; however, the idea of going cold turkey is not something that appeals to many. One alternative to quitting smoking without actually stopping is that of the electronic cigarette.

The traditional forms of stopping smokingAb

The more well-known methods of stopping smoking include nicotine gum and patches; however, the problem with these options is that the nicotine does not enter the body in the same way as a traditional cigarette allows. While this is what quitting smoking is all about as it removes the harmful effects of nicotine, it does lead to a greater chance of relapse. Nowadays there are new methods that allows for quitting smoking while still introducing minimal amounts of nicotine into the body, including electronic cigarettes and nicotine sprays.

The methods to stopping smoking with actually stopping

A method to stopping smoking without actually quitting that is gaining popularity is the electronic cigarette. These devices are unique in that they allow the person to continue the act of smoking while obtaining the needed nicotine, but excluding all the harmful effects of that nicotine. There are many individuals who are skeptical about this electronic cigarette and its effectiveness, but statistics indicate that a large amount of people have quit smoking traditional cigarettes through the use of e cigs. Manufacturers still maintain that this is not a fool proof means of stopping smoking.
The behaviors associated with smoking are very difficult to remove as the nicotine is very addictive. Electronic cigarettes are very beneficial in lowering the smoking habit when quitting. This is because you are not inhaling smoke, but are rather inhaling a nicotine vapor
which is better for your body and for the environment. The nicotine vapor is produced within the electronic cigarette by a heating coil and the liquid found in the cartridge.

The majority of people who have stopped smoking through the use of an electronic cigarette have completed this with the use of various flavored vapors. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer a number of flavors from tobacco to cherry and much more. When you use these flavors you are replacing the sensory memory of the tobacco smoke with the new flavored vapor.

Of course, when you start using electronic cigarettes you will feel a craving for the traditional cigarette. It is highly recommended you do not switch completely at first. When you first start using the device you should substitute it for the traditional cigarette as often as possible. After a while you will find yourself reaching for the electronic cigarette more than the traditional option.

Final words on the matter

There will be times when you have crave a traditional cigarette; however, as you continue using the electronic cigarette you will find these cravings decrease. If you are a heavy smoker then you do not have to worry because there are a number of different electronic cigarette nicotine strengths. These devices should be able to help most people stop or at least cut back on their smoking.